• On the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmashtami every year, falling on the night of Bhadwa Krishna Saptami, 11 cannons were fired to celebrate the birth of Shree Krishna, which Maharana would witness from Prem Niwas ka Gokhada. Then, the horses would be paraded in Manek Chowk and the Maharana would view them from Sabha Shiromani ka Darikhana. He would then listen to hymns and prayers in the palace and had food according to a fast. The Maharana would then wear ceremonial dress for the procession and reach Shree Jagganathraiji temple in time for the birth celebrations, which were scheduled at midnight. He would attend the celebrations, listen to prayers and hymns at the temple, do the 'Midnight Darshan' and then return back to the palace. It is now continued as a living tradition in form of a procession inside the Palace.

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