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Heritage Conservation and Promotion

  • Eternal Mewar Festivals
  • Restoration Work
  • The City Palace Museum Initiatives
  • International Cultural Collaborations
  • The establishment of centres to encourage the understanding of Indian culture
  • The development and support of museums dedicated to preserving ancient culture, history and literature
  • Establishment and support of libraries pertaining to Indian culture
  • To promote research pertaining to Indian and other allied cultures and history
  • To publish literature pertaining to Indian culture, civilisation and history
  • Conservation and restoration of ancient and modern structures which are useful to the spread and preservation of Indian culture
  • Promotion and preservation of Indian classical and folk music and dances

As a living palace, the City Palace in Udaipur forms the cultural heart of the Mewar region. The MMCF therefore has taken its responsibility of preserving the remarkable tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this vast complex very seriously. This enormous responsibility is fulfilled through a comprehensive and informed set of initiatives. These include the maintenance and continued development of The City Palace Museum and the Palace Complex, preserving local culture through the celebration of festivals in the traditional manner, documenting and researching cultural practices and creating forums for knowledge transfer. All this is made particularly challenging because of a lack of good cultural preservation practice in India, making it necessary to develop suitable systems and methodologies before they can be implemented. The MMCF's goal is to be a world leader in heritage conservation and community inclusion and the Foundation often has to generate its own benchmarks for this goal, as there is a lack of the same in either the government or private sectors in India. The MMCF is keen to share its best-practice and conservation experience with all interested parties and therefore has an ambitious knowledge transfer initiative in addition to its implementable conservation programme.

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