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    Year : 2023

  • image-Calendar 2022.jpg

    Calendar 2022

    Year : 2022

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    Shree Ganeshji

    Price (INR) : 30

  • image-ranapratap.jpg

    Rana Pratap

    Price (INR) : 40

  • image-arvindsinghji.jpg

    Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur(Poet Raghunath Kantha)

    Price (INR) : 40

  • image-arvindsinghji.jpg

    Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar –2 (R.K.)

    Price (INR) : 40

  • image-bhawatsinghji.jpg

    Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar

    Price (INR) : 40

  • image-holi.jpg

    Holi Festival - The City Palace Complex, Udaipur

    Price (INR) : 40

  • image-Post_card-_Maharana.jpg

    Portrait of Maharana

    Price (INR) : 200

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    Mewar Lithographs (Set of 6 post cards)

    Price (INR) : 200

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    Year : 2023

  • image-Panchang VS 2079.jpg

    Panchang VS 2079

    Year : 2022

To purchase please contact

Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust
The City Palace, Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India

+91 294 2419021 | 9783145262

  • image-Maharana 171023.jpg

    Maharana: The Story of The Rulers of Udaipur

    Author: Brian Masters

    Price (INR): 999

    Year: 2023

  • image-Maharana.jpg

    Maharana : The Story of The Rulers of Udaipur

    Author: Brian Masters

    Price (INR): 999

    Year: 2023

  • image-Royal-Textiles-of-Mewar.jpg

    Royal Textiles of Mewar : The City Palace Museum, Udaipur

    Author: Rosemary Crill/Jyoti Jasol /Anamika Pathak /Smita Singh

    Price (INR): 2999/-

    Year: 2021

  • image-The-Palace-Calendars-1987-2018.jpg

    The Palace Calendars – 1987-2018

    Author: Complied by Giriraj Singh

    Price (INR): 499/-

    Year: 2019

  • image-The-Gita.jpg

    The Gita

    Author: Alok Bhalla, Chandra Prakash Deval

    Price (INR): 1495/-

    Year: 2019

  • image-Maharana-Kumbha-Ki-Bharatiya-Sangeet-Ko-Den.jpg

    Maharana Kumbha Ki Bharatiya Sangeet Ko Den

    Author: Dr. Seema Rathore

    Price (INR): 400/-

    Year: 2018

  • image-Living-Heritage-Mewar.jpg

    Living Heritage of Mewar : Architecture of the City Palace, Udaipur

    Author: Shikha Jain & Vanicka Arora

    Price (INR): 2950/-

    Year: 2017

  • image-The-Mewar-Ramayana.jpg

    The Mewar Ramayana

    Author: J. P. Losty – Sumedha V. Ojha

    Price (INR): 3500/-

    Year: 2017

  • image-Divine-Gesture-The-Magnificence-of-Mewar-Spirituality.jpg

    Divine Gesture : The Magnificence of Mewar Spirituality

    Author: Dr. Alka Pande

    Price (INR): 2099/-

    Year: 2016

  • image-Chitri -Arsh-Ramayan.jpg

    Chitrit Arsh Ramayan

    Author: Dr. Seema Rathore

    Price (INR): 2500/-

    Year: 2014

  • image-Rajasthan-Ke-Rajwari-Geet.jpg

    Rajasthan Ke Rajwari Geet

    Author: Th. Jaswant Singh

    Price (INR): 3600/-

    Year: 2013 (2nd Edition)

  • image-The-Ramayana.jpg

    The Ramayana

    Author: J. P. Losty

    Price (INR): 895/-

    Year: 2009

  • image-Paintings-of-Mewar-Court-Life.jpg

    The City Palace Museum Udaipur : Paintings of Mewar Court Life

    Author: Andrew Topsfield

    Price (INR): 3000/-

    Year: 2008

  • image-Panigrahan-Sanskar.jpg

    Panigrahan Sanskar

    Author: Ram - Lailta Kogata

    Price (INR): 900/ -

    Year: 2006

  • image-In-a-World-of-Gods-and-Goddesses.jpg

    In a World of Gods and Goddesses

    Author: Foreword by : Dr. Yogesh Atal

    Price (INR): 3000/-

    Year: 2001

  • image-Yoga.jpg


    Author: Mahendra Thakur

    Price (INR): 150/-

  • Maharana Mewar Historical Publications Trust

    The trust was registered on the 13th April 1977, under the guidance of HlH Maharana Bhagwat Singh Mewar of Udaipur: The objectives of the trust is to encourage research work in areas as diverse as Indian history, culture, indigenous languages and literature. The trust oversees following categories of writings.

    A. Its own publications - These books have been commissioned by the trust. Primarily in Rajasthani, they cover a diverse range of topics and include books on history, Yoga, treatises by famous historic personalities and poetry; the Annual Palace Calendar and Shree Mewar Vijay Panchang.

    B. Financial assistance offered for the publication of books: when someone's book is already underway and run into financial trouble. The criterion is stringent. The books must be deemed worthy of publication and be seen to benefit the public at large with the subject relating to local issues in Rajasthan.

    C. Financial assistance for research works: offers aid to scholars who have written on assorted topics relating to Rajasthan and particularly Mewar . History, architecture, paintings and even research work on botany have been published under the trust's patronage.

    D. Financial aid for presentation of papers at national and international forums. Scholars from Udaipur in particular and Rajasthan in general have been subsidised enabling them to attend conferences and seminars outside their cities.

    E. Poster publications - Posters have also been printed under the auspices of the trust, the genealogical tree of the rulers of Mewar, posters of Lord Ganesha, posters of Maharana Pratap are some examples.

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