Maharana Kumbha Award - (Instituted in 1980-81)

  • Maharana Kumbha (r. 1433-1468 CE) was one of the most distinguished Maharanas of Mewar. It is evident from inscriptions on stone found widely that he was considered a brilliant administrator, brave warrior, great architect, builder of impregnable forts and palaces, philanthropist as well as being benevolent towards his people. He was also proficient in art, music, a scholar of scriptures, deeply religious and a man of letters. He was a patron of excellence and during his time the State of Mewar prospered and grew in size and stature. 

    Amongst the greatest of greats he was a giant of a man. 

    Maharana Kumbha is a State Award. This award was instituted to honour works of permanent value to society through the medium of history and literature.

    This Annual State Award consists of:

    1.  A Ceremonial Shawl.

    2.  A ’Toran’ plaque of honour. 

    3.  A Citation Certificate.

    4.  Cash Award of  ₹ 51,001 each*.

    * No. of recipients will be decided by the selection committee.

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