Maharana Fateh Singh Award - (Instituted in 1980-81)

  • Nobody embodied the significance of the sacred function of the Diwan - which is ”whose duty it is to please”, more movingly and profoundly than Maharana Fateh Singh (r. 1884-1930 AD). He is regarded by many as the last true Monarch in India by his people as not only head of all the Rajputs, but virtual leader of the Hindus. Maharana Fateh Singh’s determination to resist British interference in the affairs of his people did not derive from mere stubbornness of character, still less from any love of power for its own sake, but from the inherited conviction that he must never allow the dignity of the House of Mewar to be impaired, and that such dignity was expressed by his inalienable responsibility towards his people. 

    His personal qualities were such as to inspire love and admiration in all who met him, and a historian will seek in vain for any disparaging remark among those recorded memories which have come down to us. Such, then was the proud sense of piety which Maharana Fateh Singh brought to his task - as a servant of Shree Eklingnath ji bound by duty and custom to serve his Will and administer on his behalf. Maharana Fateh Singh ji was the epitome of Rajput chivalry although he fought no battles and secured no treaties. His life demonstrated with utmost clarity the difference between the traditions of European royalty, based on acceptance of the right of Kings as superior persons, and those of the Rajputs, based on family ties between ruler and subject.


    Extracts reproduced from: Maharana the story of the rulers of Udaipur by Brian Masters published by Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.

    Maharana Fateh Singh Award was instituted in recognition and in commemoration of the principles and values adhered to by him. 

    Maharana Fateh Singh Award is a city of Udaipur Award. This Award was instituted to honour those regular students who have passed Secondary and Senior Secondary exams of Central Board of Secondary Education and Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan from Secondary and Senior Secondary schools located within municipal limits of Udaipur conducted by a recognised body for:

    i. Achievements in studies. 

    ii. Achievements in Games and Sports.

    iii. Achievements in cultural, literary and other co-curricular and extra curricular activities. 

    (Students of Praveshika and Upadhyaya from the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan are also eligible for the above awards) 

    The Annual Award for the city of Udaipur to each candidate consists of:

    1.  A Commemorative Medal.

    2.  A Merit Certificate. 

    3.  Cash award of  ₹ 5,001

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