Bhamashah Award - (Instituted in 1983-84)

  • Bhamashah son of Bharmal, came from Alwar and was part of the Kavadia Oswal Jain community. After the famous battle of Bayana 21 February 1527, fought between Rana Sanga and Babar, who founded the Moghul dynasty in India, many supporters of the Rana who fought in this battle along side him, returned to Chittorgarh with him. Bharmal was also one of those who returned and Rana Sanga appointed him as ’Kiledar’ of the fort of Ranthambhor. Even after he no longer remained as keeper of the Ranthambhor Fort, his family remained closely associated with the Ranas. 

    Bhamashah distinguished himself in the battle field of Haldi Ghati. After Mahasani Rama, Rana Pratap elevated him to the post of the Prime Minister.  Over the following decades Bhamashah’s son Jeewashah and his grandson Akshiraj were appointed Prime Ministers by Rana Amar Singh and Rana Karan Singh.

    Bhamashah was a very loyal and trusted treasurer of Rana Pratap whose responsibility was to keep the treasury secure and provide funds for battle when required. At one time Rana Pratap became dejected on account of paucity of funds in the state and thought he could not continue to go into battle to protect the freedom of Mewar. Bhamashah who had accumulated great sources of wealth in the treasury came forward at the appropriate time to assist Rana Pratap in his quest for freedom. 

    Bhamashah Award is a State Award. This award was instituted to honour students achieving top position by securing the highest percentage in the following faculties from amongst all the Universities of Rajasthan in recognition of selfless sacrifice, astute financial management and devotion to duty by Bhamashah to the House of Mewar.

    i. Students of all Universities in Rajasthan for securing the highest percentage of marks from amongst all the Universities of Rajasthan at the Graduation Examination in each of the following faculties: 

    BA, BShastri, BEd, BSc (Biology and Maths Group), BSc (Home Science), BSc (Agriculture), BVSc & AH, BSc (Dairy Technology), BCom, BLib Science, LLB (3 year course), BE, MBBS, BDS, BAMS etc.

    Applications will be considered only in the above mentioned categories of different areas of specialisations in these disciplines. 

    ii. a. Students from Rajasthan who distinguish themselves in any technical, technological, professional or career course conducted by a recognised University / Institution in or outside Rajasthan such as Indian Institution of Bankers, ICSI, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICWAI, Hotel Management & Catering, Computer Technology, Textile Designing and Diplomas in other technical subjects.

    b. Applicants studying in Universities / Institutions outside Rajasthan will not be considered for the award unless they submit an authentic Domicile Certificate stating that the candidate is a bonafide resident of Rajasthan. 

    c. In case of Diplomas, only three years and above durations Diploma holders will be considered for award. The candidate should submit evidence to indicate the actual duration of the course he / she attended.

    iii. The mark-sheets submitted must show the actual marks secured by the candidates in different subjects / papers and the aggregate for each year separately. The mark-sheet, showing only Grading / Grade Point Average will not be considered. 

    iv. Only those candidates whose names appear in the Merit List of the Institutions / Universities need apply. The application should be complete in all respects, accompanied by all documents including an authentic certificate of the candidate figuring in the Merit List, otherwise it will not be considered.

    This Annual State Award to each candidate consists of:

    1. A Commemorative Medal.

    2. A Merit Certificate.

    3. Cash Award of  ₹ 11,001

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