Welfare of Animals

"Commemorating the loyalty of legendary horse Chetak towards Rana Pratap by caring for animals"

Past & Present


Animal Welfare Programmes:

The Chetak Trust receives support from the Government, specifically from the Department of Animal Husbandry, for conducting joint programmes for the welfare of animals.

Organisations: Chetak Trust

Breeding of Marwari horses:

Shikarbadi Hotel essentially supports the activities of Goverdhan Trust in breeding of Marwari horses, as this parcel of land settled in the Trust was originally a part of the old Shikarbadi complex.

Organisations: Goverdhan Trust and Shikarbadi Hotel Pvt. Ltd.


  • Animal welfare activities such as animal health fares will be organised in future by Shree Eklingji Trust under Shiv Shakti Peeth.
  • The business and charitable organisations under Eternal Mewar continuously engage in activities for the welfare of animals.
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