World Living Heritage Festival, Udaipur

An Initiative of
Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation,
World Living Heritage Festival is;

  • A coming together of artists, experts, and all those passionate about heritage
  • A forum for knowledge exchange
  • A celebration of the rich cultural diversity of India and the world

Theme and Content

  • Panel discussions by heritage experts and scholars from related fields
  • Several musical and performing arts concerts
  • A large bazaar showcasing the best in Mewari arts and crafts
  • Specially designed opportunities to experience the remarkable living heritage of Mewar region

Target Participants and Speakers

  • All those passionate about heritage
  • Students and scholars from architecture, urban planning, and heritage conservation
  • Students and scholars from related fields in the humanities and social sciences
  • Representatives from Government of India, Government of Rajasthan, foreign governments
  • Representatives from UNESCO, ICOMOS, IHCN-F, national and international institutions, organizations, and NGOs

Associate Institutions

Identity of World Living Heritage Festival Logo

The right-handed Conch Shell and the multi-coloured Lotus were selected because they connect holistically with the spirit of intangible Living Heritage of the world. The sound waves of the conch shell are the primordial sounds of creation and auspicious beginnings which are preserved in the multi-coloured Lotus leaves representing multiple cultures encompassing and preserving our Living Heritage. One of the most ancient plants in existence, the Lotus is extremely resilient and considered the embryonic cradle of the universe from which unfold new worlds and new life. The Conch Shell and the Lotus symbolize brilliance, purity and usher in new hope which survives everything.

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