Maharana Sangram Singh I Jayanti

  • Maharana Sangram Singh I Jayanti

    The hilly land of Mewar has produced abundant warriors and with their heroic legends. The fables of bravery are infused in this soil, every time a son of Mewar is born; he has his own tale to tell. And amongst the numerous was the mighty born on Vaishak Krishna Navmi Vikram Samvat 1539, Maharana Sangram Singh I (r. 1509  - 1528 CE), 50th Custodian of House of Mewar, or as the Rajputs gloriously called him Rana Sanga; the king whose demise marked the beginning of Mughal rule and changed the course of Indian history forever.

     Maharana Sangram Singh was not only a great warrior who tried to ward off invaders from his motherland, but also a visionary, under whom many Rajput states united and fought the invaders from the North. It is said that despite losing his right hand, right eye, left leg and numerous other grave injuries, he continued fighting his enemies.

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