Hariyali Amavasya

  • Hariyali amavasya

    On the 15th day of Month of Shravan according the Hindu calendar, Hariyali Amavasya is celebrated. Special Poojan is organized for Shree Shiva in temples and homes. This festival is celebrated in order to respect nature and marks the beginning of monsoon season. People wear green Lehriya on this day. Traditionally the Maharana would fast, and the royal ladies would go to Peepali Ghat/ Jal Niwas to perform the Poojan Ceremony of Water and Peepal tree (Sacred fig). After that, the Maharana would visit the Rajpurohit’s Haveli and the Rajpurohit would organize a feast in the Maharana’s honour.

    Sometimes, the feast was organized at Saheliyon ki Badi. The public after doing the Jal and Peepali Pooja would go to pay homage at Neemuch Mata Mandir on Dewali hill, Udaipur. Nowadays, every year the procession for Hariyali Amavasya starts from Shree Shiv Shakti Peeth, The City Palace and proceeds to Rameshwar Ghat for Poojan.

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