Haldi Ghati Award - (Instituted in 1982-83)

  • The Battle of Haldighati: Monday, 18th June 1576 CE - Asadh Krishna 7 Samvat 1633 

    Kunwar Man Singh of Amber mounted on his mighty war elephant was chosen to command the army of Badshah Akbar against Maharana Pratap I (r. 1572 —1597 CE) who on his incomparable grey Stallion Chetak led the Mewar army into the thrust of the battle. Neither lance nor sword, nor the arrows that rained like hail around him could stem the course of that intrepid charge. For the first time in fifty years the Mughals suffered their first setback and Haldighati shattered the myth of their invincibility - symbolic of the war that was fought for the protection and preservation of self respect, self reliance and independence.

    The battle of Haldighati unlike any other battle in the military history of warfare has aroused the greatest and most multifaceted interest. This single occasion has raised issues of social context, the composition of opposing forces, the efficiency of execution of the adopted strategy and tactics and finally most touchingly the acts of unparalleled bravery, unmatched sacrifices and unimaginable fighting skills of a few individuals who participated in this battle. All these issues have assumed tremendous significance, as time goes by.

    Maharana Pratap is a national hero on account of his commitment to preserve the independence of Mewar, at any cost, despite heavy odds stacked against him. Even now his life inspires those who revere the value of living with self respect and self reliance. Today those who are prepared to speak out, or use their pen without fear of the consequences to enlighten society, are synonymous with the battle of Haldighati. 

    Haldighati Award is a National Award. It is awarded to an individual for work of permanent value in awakening society through the medium of journalism, in particular, or through any other media in general.

    This National Annual Award consists of:

    1.   A Ceremonial Shawl.    

    2.   A ’Toran’ plaque of honour.

    3.   A Citation Certificate.  

    4.   Cash award of  ₹ 1,00,001

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