Aravali Award - (Instituted in 19983-84)

  • The Aravali range of mountains stretches, with its rugged terrain, from beyond the southern part of Mewar right across western Rajasthan ending almost near Delhi. With their vast mineral wealth and strategically positioned fortresses, the Aravali range of mountains has played an important role in local history. The Aravalis have also been the home of the brave Bhil tribes who were loyal followers of the Maharanas for centuries.

    The award is named after these mountains in recognition of the prosperity derived and protection provided by this mountain range in the State of Mewar. 

    Aravali Award is a State Award. This award is instituted to honour and encourage outstanding sportsperson for achieving distinction in any discipline of sports and games.

    This Annual State Award consists of:

    1.  A Ceremonial Shawl.

    2.  A ’Toran’ plaque of honour. 

    3.  A Citation Certificate.

    4.  Cash Award of  ₹ 51,001 each*.

    * No. of recipients will be decided by the selection committee.

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